What are some common Spring Health Concerns?

Spring Health Concerns

Spring is here! 

The trees are starting to develop leaves, the flowers are beginning to bloom, warmer temperatures are around the corner…and so are some spring health concerns.  Problems like Allergies, Asthma, Insects and the occasional sports injury.

Not too fear, we have some great healthcare clinics in Nashville, like Clinica Hispana La Paz, that can handle these health concerns and get you back in the game and out enjoying life.

7 Common Spring Health Concerns

Here are seven (7) common spring health concerns you want to consider.


One of the most common health concerns in spring are allergies. Plants grow, bloom and release pollen so they can grow, bloom and do it all over again.  Great for plants, bees, and insects, not so much for some humans.

It can definitely be a challenging time for those with pollen allergies. Your immune system releases antibodies (histamines) to fight allergies (sometimes way too much). Unfortunately, when your body overreacts, you might experience a runny nose, watery eyes, and itchy sinuses.

Your health professionals at Clinica Hispana La Paz can help.

Some over the counter anti-histamines do not always work as well as they could or you might need something stronger.  Talk with Clinica Hispana La Paz today and find out how you can reduce your body’s overreaction or maybe even avoid the allergy triggers.


Asthma can be caused by pollens, fertilizers, insect repellents, dust mites, pet dander, mold and more.

However, there are medications that can be prescribed by your doctor to help prevent or reduce these asthma attacks.

Be informed.  Talk with your healthcare professional, like those at Clinica Hispana La Paz, to better understand how asthma works, what causes it and how to manage your asthma.

It is better to do it before an attack, so you are ready should you have an asthma problem.


The Rhinovirus (Common Cold) is a common spring problem. Spring is a great time for a virus like the common cold to reproduce.  It is much happier during this time of year and will easily spread.

To help prevent this health concern, regularly wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Lyme disease

As the weather warms, the insects rise.  Insects are great for the environment and help keep our planet’s ecosystem in check.  Unfortunately, parasites like the tick are also a problem for humans.  Some ticks can transmit Lyme disease which can cause problems for your immune system.

Avoid ticks by wearing covered clothes, avoiding tall grass and using tick repellants.

Gastroenteritis (Gastro)

Norovirus (the virus cause of Gastroenteritis) is very contagious and also prefers warm weather.

An infected person may experience symptoms such as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. You can prevent infections, as with most virus problems, by following proper hand washing and sanitation guidelines.

It is also a good idea to boost your immunity by being healthy, eating right and exercising. Healthy people are more likely to have a stronger immune system that can help fight these infections.

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergen exposure (pollens, chemicals) can cause Allergic Conjunctivitis. If you notice pink/red and watery eyes, talk with your doctor, like those at Clinica Hispana La Paz, to determine whether it’s an allergic reaction or infection.

As with most allergies and infections, early diagnosis makes it a lot easier to fix the problem.

Sun Damage

Sunlight is great for the body, in small, limited doses.  Too much sun can cause sunburns, which can be very painful and even worse, skin cancer.

Sun screens can help reduce the chance of a sunburn and skin damage from the sun.  Check with your health professional to find out what level of SPF protection you need to ensure you stay safe during those great sunny days of spring and summer.

Clinica Hispana La Paz is your family healthcare clinic in Nashville that can help with spring and year round health concerns. If you have a health care concern, talk with the healthcare professionals at Clinica Hispana La Paz today.  615-627-1282