6 Ways Social Wellness Can Improve Your Health

Social Wellness

Eating nutrient-rich foods helps improve your health, regular workouts keep you active and getting enough sleep strengthens your immune system. In addition to keeping your own body healthy, keeping your mind and emotional well being healthy is also important and can actually help keep your body in good health.

Social Wellness: What is it?

Our relationship with others and how we interact with them has been termed social wellness. It is meant to describe the building and nurturing of relationships with those around us. Some signs of social wellness are:

  • Balancing personal and social time
  • Being true to yourself no matter the situation
  • Developing friendships and increasing social networks
  • Having fun
  • Giving support to family and friends
  • Developing proper assertive skills
  • Engaging with other people in the community
  • Treating others with respect
  • Valuing diversity

How Social Wellness Boosts Your Health

Strengthens Immunity

On average, people who spend their days alone, isolated, have more stress hormones and a weak immunity. By interacting with your community, getting together with friends and keeping a positive attitude, your body will actually respond to this positive emotional feeling, strengthen your immunity and overall you and your body be healthier.

Better Heart Health

Loneliness and the anxiety of being alone can cause high blood pressure. Developing deeper bonds and relationships with others has shown a reduction in the risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Boosts Memory

Most people start to lose the ability to retain the power of memory. You can mitigate this risk of memory loss with a wide and varied network of friendships and relationships. Studies have proven an active social life can reduce the risk of dementia considerably. A six (6) year research study concluded people with a highly active social life actually had less memory loss than those less active.

Increased Mental Stability

Having interactions with others on a regular basis helps to keep your emotional and mental well being in check. A reduction in mood swings and mental instability which could lead to depression has been reduced by getting together with people on a regular basis.

Improves Sleep

Stress in the body can also cause stress in the mind and when you are stressed your body and mind find it very difficult to relax and therefore your sleep is interrupted.  Not getting enough sleep can cause even more stress which can lead to illness and depression.

Increases Your Life Span

PLOS ONE, (the Public Library of Science), conducted a meta-analysis called Social Relationships and Mortality Risk to review and emphasize the role of social wellness in increasing the life span of people. The result of this study has shown a strong relationship between a lower mortality rate and social wellness.


Final Thoughts

Social Wellness offers numerous benefits to individuals. Living a happy life is vital for a healthy life and having an active social life can help; but if you are not feeling well, are ill or have an injury, let Clinica Hispana La Paz in Nashville, TN help you quickly fix that problem so you can get back to your active social life and being healthier and happier in no time.