School & sports physicals

Medical Service for School & Sports Athletes in Nashville

Do you go to school?  Are you an athlete?  Regular health check-ups and vaccinations are needed for those who attend school and are in sports activities.  Back injuries, neck injuries and others need to be treated quickly to prevent further problems.  Healthcare Clinics in Nashville can keep you or your child in the best of health.

School & sports physicals

School & Sport Physicals in Nashville

Clinica Hispana La Paz, one of the Healthcare Clinics in Nashville can provide both school physicals and sports physical for you or your child. We offer special discounts on health checkups for children from 48 months to 18 years old.

Ultrasounds and X-Rays are readily available at Clinica Hispana La Paz to help give you a clear picture of your health and any problems you might have. Our experienced doctors and nurses at Clinica Hispana La Paz can help you with all medical problems including any minor emergencies. Our lab services at Clinica Hispana La Paz ensure patients get their medical reports quickly.

Some of the problems Clinica Hispana La Paz can take care of for you are:

  • Sports Injury
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Low back pain
  • Muscle/ligament sprains
  • Arthritic joint pain
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Toe nail problem
  • Eye Injuries and more

Clinica Hispana also provides free Immunization service for any child up to 18 years old. This immunization helps improve their immune system and decreases their chance of getting sick. We also provide Trigger Point Injections that can provide relief for Muscle Spasms.

Want more information? Call Clinica Hispana La Paz today for our health services in Nashville at 615-627-1282.