Workplace injury

7 Easy Tips to Prevent Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries

The National Safety Council reports 12,600 workplace accidents occur nearly every day; however, many of these workplace injuries can be avoided.

Tips to Avoid Workplace Injuries

Create a Safety Plan

Start an effective injury prevention program in your office. Include a step by step safety precautions plan for your employees. Make sure they know to report any unsafe activity to their managers so it can be corrected quickly to avoid any injuries.

Educate Your Employees

Have regular reviews of safety procedures to keep your employees safe. This includes proper lifting procedures for those who move and lift heavy items as well as proper stretching techniques for those employees who sit at a desk all day.  A happy, safe employee is a productive employee.

Always Have a First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit should be easily visible, well stocked and in a known location. Even minor cuts and scratches can develop into a bigger problem if ignored.

Develop an Emergency Action Plan

Have a plan should an emergency develop, such as a fire in the office. You should have evacuation maps placed in plain view, notices about not using elevators in case of a fire, and as time permits a drill should be performed on an occasional basis to ensure people know how to properly and safely evacuate the building without incurring a workplace injury.

Electricity and Liquids – Do Not Mix

Make sure your employees know liquids around computers or electrical outlets should be, at a minimum, covered to help avoid accidental spills. When a liquid comes in contact with electricity it can cause a spark which can cause a fire.

Keep the Space Organized

Keeping the walkways, hallways and desk areas clean can also help prevent workplace injuries. Employees should be able to walk down the halls without having to avoid mounds of paper or boxes and all exits should be clearly marked and clear of all obstructions.

Support Your Employees

Even if all of the above suggestions are followed, accidents will still happen. If your employee has a workplace injury, encourage him to take the time needed to recover before returning to work.

Workplace Injury Care

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