Medical treatments

Medical Treatment Goals and Your Health

Medical Treatment

Setting goals in life and in medicine are important.  Whether you want to stay fit, or just stay healthy you need to set a goal.

Medicine and medical treatment has their own goals as well.  Let’s take a look:

  • Preventive
  • Curative
  • Management of diseases
  • Palliative

Preventive (Prophylactic Care)

This is the best goal.  Avoiding getting sick in the first place is the ultimate goal.  While not always possible, your doctor can help with medicines, vaccines, and therapies. Vaccines, in particular, are helpful in keeping you healthy by introducing a compromised, weak infection to your body so you body can easily find it, destroy it and then add that information to its list of bad things your body needs to be avoid.  Vaccines, in a healthy person, can help because now that your body knows what this infection looks like and knows how to defeat it, if you are exposed to the full strength version, like the flu, it should have an easier time fighting it and winning.

Curative Treatment

Curative treatments are those that cures a patients’ condition. Medicine like anti-fungals, antibiotics, allergy medication and others help to destroy the infections you are facing giving your body a boost or help in the fight.

Surgery, when necessary, is also an option to fix problems your body may experience. This could be anything from major surgery like removing your appendix to minor surgery like wart removal.  Most minor surgeries can be quickly done in the doctor’s office.

Management of Diseases

Unfortunately some diseases need to be managed and cannot, at this time, be cured.  Allergies, for a lot of people, require ongoing medical treatment with allergy medications as well as problems like asthma and diabetes can require long time care.

However; some diseases are so severe that they become untreatable, which leads us to Palliative Treatments.

Palliative Treatment

Palliative treatment is for people who suffer from life-threatening and life-ending diseases. In these cases, all you can do is to keep the patient comfortable for their remaining time.

Talking with your doctor and having regular checkups can help you stay in the preventative mode of treatment.  Visit Clinica Hispana La Paz and let their experienced professionals help you remain in preventive mode.  Of course should you be dealing with any other category like Curative, Management or Palliative treatments, Clinica Hispana La Paz can help you with that too.

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