The Best Family Healthcare Clinic in Nashville: Clinica Hispana La Paz

The health of your family is of great importance. Each of us wants our family members to get the best treatment possible at all times. To provide our family with the best healthcare we search for the best place. One of the best family healthcare clinic in Nashville is Clinica Hispana La Paz. Clinica Hispana La Paz offers your family reliable and dependable healthcare services in Nashville.

From work injuries to women’s health and family planning, we provide the best service and quick solutions to your problem.  With an in-house laboratory for most issues, ultrasound and digital x-ray services, we can find your problem quickly and provide a solution usually the same day.

Women’s healthcare is a unique specialty. But with our up-to-date technology we can take care of your needs.  For example, we offer the ‘Thin Prep’ pap test which provides a more accurate detection of cervical cancer or dysplasia. In our ultrasound department, we can examine an unknown mass, check blood flow and check on your pregnancy. And of course we offer a whole range of laboratory services for blood work and x-rays.


Not to leave out the “little ones” we offer many Pediatric services. Child care, especially during the months right after birth, is crucial for the health and well being of the child. Clinica Hispania La Paz offers children wellness checkups and has the best vaccination services in Nashville.  

Today health care is even more important than before. The haze of pollution, contagious viruses and a generally harmful environment; we need the best healthcare that will resolve our health problems as quickly as possible and get us back on our feet.

Over the many years we have been in business our reputation in Nashville has shown our ability to provide great healthcare in many areas and get you back to health quickly and safely.

No need to visit multiple clinics, Clinica Hispana La Paz can handle nearly all your needs in one place.