Why Should You Vaccinate Your Child?


Vaccinations are an important step in your child’s development.  Vaccinations help their growing bodies understand the microscopic world of germs around them and teach their internal systems how to deal with these problems in a safer manner than if they were to get the real infection.

Combined Vaccines

Some of the diseases prevented with vaccines are measles, mumps, and polio. Many paediatricians can combine vaccines to increase its’ effect. One such combined vaccine is Pro-Quad for chickenpox, mumps, measles, and rubella. Combination vaccines still provide the same benefit to your child with less shots.

How Vaccines Work

A vaccination is usually an injection of a virus but one that has been disabled so it can not cause the full damage the “real” virus would.  By doing this your child’s body internal systems can recognise it as a threat, fight it, win and remember how it beat the problem.  This way, when your child comes in contact with the real virus it can easily remember how it won the fight the last time and have a better chance of beating the real thing.

Because the real, but disabled, virus must be used, your child may experience certain problems immediately after being vaccinated. These symptoms could be:

  • Mild rash
  • Crankiness
  • Low fever

These minor side effects should go away shortly.  However; if your child is having difficulty breathing or a rapid heart rate, you should take him/her to the doctor/emergency room immediately.

When Shouldn’t Your Kid Get Vaccinated

If your child is currently sick and/or has a high fever get vaccination shots will not help and could be a problem.  When you/your child is sick your body is already fighting a battle with an infection and adding another infection would not be helpful.

You want your child to be healthy when they get a vaccination shot so their body can quickly and swiftly defeat the invader.

Also, if your child has certain allergies or is HIV positive vaccinations must be adjusted due to the compromised immune system of your child.  Provide your doctor with all the information necessary for him/her to make an informed decision on how best to help your child.

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