Cyst Removal Surgery: Is It Safe For You?

Cyst Removal Surgery

A cyst is a swelling that can occur anywhere in your body and under your skin. This swelling can contain pus, bacteria, air, or skin cells. Normally they are benign, non-harmful, but you should have it checked out anyway by a professional.

Cyst Removal Surgery – How it works

Healthcare experts sometimes prefer to remove the cyst depending on location and type. Usually only a local anesthetic is needed around the affected area. The cyst removal surgery is usually an outpatient procedure.

Your doctor will mark the area surrounding the cyst and then remove the affected area. The local anesthetic will prevent you from feeling pain in that area and your doctor may prescribe some mild pain reliever after the procedure for when the anesthetic wears off.

The doctor will then suture the area with stitches and they will remain there while your skin heals. The stitches may be “self-dissolving” so you won’t have to come back to have them removed.

Preparation for Cyst Removal Surgery

Your doctor will provide specific information on what needs to be done prior to your minor surgery, but in most cases, prior to your cyst removal surgery you should stop taking blood thinners and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine.

Always discuss what medicines you are currently taking with your doctor and together determine what needs to be stopped prior to the minor surgery.

Do not shave or apply any type of power or lotion near the affected area.

On the day of your minor surgery, wear comfortable clothes, bring a friend and/or family member, and try to relax.

If you have selected a well known respected clinic like Clinica Hispana La Paz for your procedure, your doctor will provide detailed instructions on how to prepare yourself for the surgery. Follow these instructions closely so you don’t experience any problems during your minor surgery.

Clinica Hispana La Paz is well trained in this type of procedure and will remove your cyst safely and painlessly. Visit to discuss your problem with our experienced healthcare professionals.