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How Can You Prepare Your Child for Immunization?

Parents know their children the best. It is up to you to make your child's immunization shot as trouble free as possible. Here are some tips that can help: Tell the Truth: Be honest with you child, they are very perceptive. Explain while shots can sting a little bit, it won’t last long.   Breastfeeding: For children that are still breastfeeding, it is recommended you breastfeed the child a few hours prior to the vaccination to make it more effective. Breastfeeding has been shown to help strengthen a kid’s immune system.   Adequate Sleep: The best Nashville vaccination center advises sleep is important fo...

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Allergy Symptoms

Allergies? Here’s What You Need to Know

When the immune system in your body responds to an unknown substance this is called an allergic reaction or allergy. Your body’s reaction to these foreign substances or allergens are mostly harmless, but the reaction could also be severe and require immediate medical assistance. Common Allergens According to healthcare clinics in Nashville, there are many different types of allergens. Some of the most common allergens are dust mites, animal dander, certain foods, medicines, latex, and insect stings. Causes Unfortunately we do not have a specific answer to why some people react differently to various substances; however, health exper...

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5 Summer Health Hazards and How to Prevent Them

Summer means: walking barefoot on the beach, going to Disneyland, and having unlimited fun. But even a single cold can ruin all your plans to enjoy the summer season. Here are some of the more common diseases that may attack you during summer and how to prevent them. Common Health Issues in Summer Heat Rash: Healthcare clinics in Nashville usually consider a heat rash as the most common skin problem observed during summer. A heat rash can block your sweat glands and cause a rash on your skin. Usually no medication is required to heal this problem and it will solve itself after few days of cooling off. But, if your rash spreads, swells o...

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Vaccination services

How Effective is Vaccination in Preventing Deadly Disease?

"An ounce of prevention..." as the old saying goes. Vaccinations are given to help you avoid getting sick or worse. They help to inform your body "This is what you need to be on the look out for, if you see it....destroy it." By giving your body the chance to check out a harmless version of the disease it can be ready for the real fight should it come around. Some of the more deadly diseases, common around the world, include: polio, measles, diphtheria, whooping cough, smallpox, rubella, mumps, and tetanus. These once deadly diseases can now be prevented through vaccination. Through the years vaccinations have played an importa...

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gynaecological problems

Gynaecological Disorder – Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

Gynaecology is the practice of medicine which specializes in the treatment of women's reproductive organs. A gynaecological disorder is a condition that affects the female reproductive organs: breasts, womb (uterus), ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina and vulva. Virtually every woman will suffer a gynaecological condition at some stage in her life. In some case, it will be minor and treatable, but for others their condition may have critical consequences that can impact their ability to have children and even, with some illnesses, threaten their life. What Are The Most Common Symptoms? Gynaecological disorder symptoms vary according to...

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Medical care

Staying Healthy with one of the Best Medical Clinics in Nashville, TN

Today's fast pace, long days and hard work are putting a strain on your health and your family's health.  Add big temperature swings, bad food choices and not the greatest lifestyle choices and we can end up seeing a doctor more than we want. But, with Clinica Hispana La Paz in your area, one of the best Medical Clinics in Nashville, TN you can find out how to stay fit, healthy and feel better fast. First, we need to find out the problem, the diagnosis.  With the in-house lab tests, ultrasound and x-ray equipment, Clinica Hispana La Paz has the equipment and expertise to diagnose your problem immediately. And of course we suppo...

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Clinica Hispana La Paz- Best Medical Clinic in Nashville, TN

Clinica Hispana La Paz, a Medical clinic in Nashville, TN provides high-quality Medical Service in Nashville. Our doctors, physician assistants, nurses and staff are committed to giving expedient care for your general health needs. Some basic services provided at our clinic include: Vaccinations Clinica Hispana La Paz offers the latest vaccination services that can protect you and your family from many diseases, like:  Polio, Anthrax, Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rotavirus, Mumps, etc. Trigger Point Injections In today's world, many people suffer from headache, neck pain, back pain, or muscle pains that can be treated with Trig...

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Best Healthcare Services in Nashville

Are you tired looking for healthcare clinics in the city of Nashville? If your answer is “yes”, you have come to the right place. Clinica Hispana La Paz is your clinic and we have been providing quality medical services to our patients for over 10 years. We care about our patients and their health, which is why our unique health techniques provide a variety of medically related counseling services through our non-profit organization and their proven education programs & referrals. Our mission is to provide high quality medical services and wellness education programs to the Hispanic community of Nashville in an affordable, fas...

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Healthcare Service Providers in Nashville – Clinica Hispana La Paz

Emergencies do not give you prior notice, they happen when you least expect it. However, some emergencies are really more of an urgent need than an emergency. In those cases having a team ready to help you would be great! You have that team - Clinica Hispana La Paz, 615-627-1282 Add us to your quick dial/speed dial on your phone. We open early and stay late. What is a primary care provider (PCP)? A primary care provider is a doctor or clinic who: Helps you in non-emergency or minor emergency situations Diagnoses suspected problems Treats your problem Suggests routines that will help you recover Keeps track of your...

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School & sports physicals

Medical Service for School & Sports Athletes in Nashville

Do you go to school?  Are you an athlete?  Regular health check-ups and vaccinations are needed for those who attend school and are in sports activities.  Back injuries, neck injuries and others need to be treated quickly to prevent further problems.  Healthcare Clinics in Nashville can keep you or your child in the best of health. School & Sport Physicals in Nashville Clinica Hispana La Paz, one of the Healthcare Clinics in Nashville can provide both school physicals and sports physical for you or your child. We offer special discounts on health checkups for children from 48 months to 18 years old. Ultrasounds and X-Rays ar...

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